Apparel Design & Merchandising

The B.S. in Apparel Design and Merchandising prepares students for a career in the fashion industry including apparel design, manufacturing, promotion, and retail companies. Two emphases are offered, "Apparel Design" and "Fashion Merchandising." A common core of classes enables students to develop a consumer and socially conscious approach to the industry and a basic knowledge of the field including career opportunities, terminology, and professional practices as applied to the industry. The following link will take you to the ADM course requirements:

Pre-ADM designation

The Pre-ADM designation is available for freshmen and sophomores who are interested in the ADM major. This designation does not guarantee acceptance to the major, but shows a student's interest in applying for it. Department faculty will hold group advising session each year in November for Pre-majors to discuss requirements, criteria used to evaluate applications, and how and when to apply for the major. An email will be sent to Pre-majors prior to the advising sessions with time and location details.

Students may change their major or unclassified designation to a Pre-major by completing a Change of Major form and submitting it to the Department Chair in BH 329.

ADM is impacted

ADM is an impacted program which means there are more applications than capacity. Transfer student applications for admission to the ADM major are accepted by the University's Office of Undergraduate Admissions ( only during the application filing periord of October 1 to November 30 (for admission the following Fall semester). No late applications are considered by Admissions. We do not accept students into the impacted programs for Spring semesters. Both new transfer and on-campus students wishing to change majors are required to submit an additional departmental application which is evaluated by faculty for admission to the program. The following link will take you to the ADM Supplemental application.

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